Tapovan Ashram Dehradun
Tapovan Ashram Dehradun
Tapovan Ashram Dehradun


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Vedic Sadhan Ashram

During his unannounced spiritual wanderings mahatma Anand Swami had visited the area in 1944, 45, 46&47 later Shri Mahatma Prabhu Ashrit Ji) Mahatma dayanand ji vanprasth ,Swami Chiteshwarnand Ji and many other Sanyasis also meditated in this area from time to time and reportedly made great progress. Tapovan Ashram was established by bawa Gurumukh singh in the year 1949 over an area of 300 bigha land on persuasion of mahatma anand swami Ji.Read More…

वैदिक साधन का संक्षिप्त इतिहास

तपोवन आश्रम की स्थापना बाबा प्रद्युमन सिंह धर्मार्थ ट्र्स्ट की ओर से अम्रतसर निवासी बाबा गुरुमुख सिंह एवं बाबा महाराज सिंह ने १९४९ माहात्मा आनन्द स्वामी जी माहाराज की प्रेरणा से की थी । यह आश्रम षिवालिक पर्वत के जंगल के बीच देहरादून शहर में स्थित है।

आश्रम के उद्देश्य

तपोवन आश्रम क उद्देश्य विष्व में वेद, यज्ञ और महर्षि द्यानन्द सरस्वती .आगे पढें…


ashish g“International Vedic Priest Training Program” is being conducted at Tapovan Aashram Dehradun, India, under the guidance of renowned Vedic Scholars like Acharya Ashish Darshnacharya (A scholar from Darshan Yog Mahavidyalaya, Rojad Gujrat) and Dr. Mahavir Aggarwal (Gurukul Kangri University, Hardwar, India) with the support/collaboration of Dr. Deen Bandhu Chandora (Aditya Chandora Memorial, USA) with an aim to prepare Vedic Pracharaks (priests)  in western languages to spread knowledge of Vedas Internationally.

In addition to their knowledge of scriptures, this course is meant to make them aware of important things such as: How to interact with people in the west, what are western values – team work, punctuality, accountability, productivity, meeting deadlines, individualism, equal treatment to all by courtesy, care and professionalism, self sufficiency, quality control & improvement through feedback, continuing education, work is worship etc. More…

Greates Of Tapovan Ashram

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