Vedic sadhan ashram

Vedic sadhan ashram

During his unannounced spiritual wanderings mahatma Anand Swami had visited the area in 1944, 45, 46&47 later Shri Mahatma Prabhu Ashrit Ji) Mahatma dayanand ji vanprasth , Swami Chiteshwarnand Ji and many other Sanyasis also meditated in this area from time to time and reportedly made great progress. Tapovan Ashram was established by bawa Gurumukh singh in the year 1949 over an area of 300 bigha land on persuasion of mahatma anand swami Ji.

•    Location
It is located in the close vicinity of now know as dehradun town, named after legendary guru Daronacharya of Mahabharat farm. Over a period the name got changed to “dehradun” it is located in sylvan surrounding of Himalayas and Shivalak hills close to various revulets, now part of history (viz. Rishiparna, Bindal, and  River Ganga etc.) usually over flow during rainy season. It has very pleasant and rejuvenating climate throughout the year.

The exect location of tapovan is in the villege of Nalapani, previously called khalanga durg, at about 10KM from dehradun. Gorkha forces, under balbhadar thapa, a great warrior solder, had captured dehradun. When challenged in October-November 1803 by british valiantly and this resulted in major causalities  on the british side. After 3 days of intense fighting the british took over fort and in utter revenge; they totally dismantled the fort of khalange. There is a kriti stambha as a grim reminder of the great sacrifices and hard fight given by brave balbhadra thapa and his forced to the british in those days.
During his wandering in 1879, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati visited dehradun and was instrumental in convincing 2 hindu of Vedic philosophy and thus dissuading them not to convert to Christianity. After listing to his discouse on vedic philosophy for benefit of mankind, rising above sectarianism, one Mr. Mohd umer of deoband converted to vedic Aryan philosophy. This was the first of the conversion (SHUDHI) in bharat .

Vedic sadhan ashram society tapovan is registered under societies act vide approval no-424/1961-file no-107961
•    Over the years, lot of devepoments have taken place at both the ashram site as well as at the Taapasthali (at hill top). After the golden jubilee year (1998) a big gate (35ft wide & 25ft high) has been set up on the main Raipur road, leading towards ashram. There are presently 50 Rooms , 25 Kitchen, 25 Bathroom, a big hall, spacious Yagyashala, goshala in Ashram. At tapasthali (hilltop) lot of inconvenience was being experienced by Sadhak without Electricity and drinking water facility. Now there is moterable road upto tapovan Ashram and also to taposthali drinking water is available at hilltop. Modern toilets and bathroom separately for ladies and gent have recently been contrasted.

•    Dr (swami) Diviyanand Saraswati is the patron saint of the Ashram for the last about 2 decades, guiding its spiritual activities; recently, swami Chiteshwaranand ji contributed greatly in raising funds for the boundary wall wall & bore pump at tapasthali (hill top); he quite often assists Dr (swami) Diviyandand Saraswati ji in conducting spiritual sessions for devotees etc.

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